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Dr. MLK's A Gift Of Love

Dear Beloved, Hearers and Doers,

I will be sharing the book Dr. Martin Luther King’ s, A Gift of Love. This review is written from a perspective of what stood out to me, what really spoke to me. This book was not a quick, nor an easy read. It took time to process and digest. There were many Biblical references and Spiritual understanding. (Example like music Spirituals). It was written at that time for the people and for the people of the future. Those who want to support the Beloved community, as referred to in the book. This book provided a good outline of what his experience was like dealing with the Beloved community.

Love is somehow the key that unlocks the door that leads to ultimate reality. Our love has to be in action. To be an apostle of action. That we work with our heads, hearts and hands for the Beloved community. The loving presence that we bring to each other binds all life. To bring together head and heart, intelligence and goodness. To respond to each other with full hearts. To feel the love force. Having the strength to love. A higher reality, to be conformed to the kingdom of love.

To have a tough mind and a tender heart. The soft minded man always fears change. They are trying to hold on to the yoke of sameness. Tough mindedness person always examines the facts before coming to a conclusion. To have tough mindedness and tenderheartedness. Without a tender heart, just cold and detached. To be a people of conviction, not conformity of moral nobility.

To live differently to a higher loyalty. To live in a world of time and a world of eternity. To know that you have a certain amount of time to get your calling done, while still understanding eternity. Must be a molder of society, not to be molded by society. To be a Moral guardian of the community.

To be well adjusted and behavior is something that can be regulated.

Something must touch the hearts and souls of men so they can come together Spiritually. Love is mankind's most potent weapon for personal and social transformation. Like the Good Samaritan, we show neighborly love. Love and forgiveness is absolutely necessary for spiritual maturity. Forgiveness means reconciliation, coming back together again. To know the waters of forgiveness are warm.

To look for the end of the war. To find that inner calm. To remember the joy in the morning. In that with a new self-respect. To work together and take the yoke upon us. The only concern of being first at something, is to be first in love.

What spoke to me the most is Dr. King wanted to leave a legacy. He wanted to be remembered as leaving a committed life behind. For Somebody knowing I tried loving Somebody.

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